South Korea Building a Long Range Missile

On December 16 2016, there was an article posted on Defence Blog that talks about how South Korea is working on its own Long range air to ground missile in response to North Korea’s growing military threat. This was announced by the State Arms procurement agency. The DAPA of Defense Acquisition Program Administration plans to research on relevant missile technology for 2018. By 2031, they plan to have about 200 air to surface Taurus class missiles.

These missiles will be on KF-X fighter jets that will be completed by the mid-2020s. There has been a budget of 810 billion won or $695 million that is allocated to this project.

The missile will be able to hit the capital city of Pyongyang from a plane flying over Daejon which is about 160 kilometers south of Seoul.

In the timeframe of last year, North Korea has done two nuclear tests and dozens of missile launches.

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