On December 16 2016, there was an article posted on Defence Blog that talks about how South Korea is working on its own Long range air to ground missile in response to North Korea’s growing military threat. This was announced by the State Arms procurement agency. The DAPA of Defense Acquisition Program Administration plans to research on relevant missile technology for 2018. By 2031, they plan to have about 200 air to surface Taurus class missiles.

On November 30th 2016, there was an article posted on Combat Aircraft talking about how there is a possible foreign military sale to Poland for the AGM 158 Joint Air to Surface Standoff missile – extended range or JASSM-ER. This was announced by the US Dense Security Cooperation Agency of DSCA.

On November 28th 2016, there was an article posted on Defense Blog talking about how Russian bombers are working on creating new hypersonic missiles for Long Range Aviation.

Boeing and Japan Airlines have decided to extend their partnership for another ten years under a new contract. This deal will benefit both companies, as Boeing will introduce its GoldCare Expendables solution that would reduce Japan Airlines’ expenses. Essentially, Boeing will be providing customer support for the airline in the form of parts service. Boeing will manage the airline’s inventory and have the parts readily available when mechanics need any. The efficiency of Boeing’s program is what continues to mark the aviation company as a preferred parts provider worldwide. The Boeing airline company also recognizes the world-class support they have receive over the years and how much their partnership has helped improve operations overall. Last year, Boeing was able to reduce prices on about 24,000 parts through the expansion of their own inventory by approximately 35,000 units. These included aircraft parts no longer being produced. This helps them provide an easy and fast solution for their customer aircrafts. Japan Airlines alone has a fleet of 279 aircrafts that provide service in 35 countries across the globe.

Boeing has allegedly given 6 million US dollars to the state of Washington for educational purposes. Awarding top colleges and nonprofit organizations in the state a sufficient amount of money to better be able to provide in grants for “undeserved students.” Although Boeing is an esteemed company that does the world well, they have a masterplan behind their generous donation.  As stated by the Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Ray Conner,

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