In many industries, temperature must be closely monitored to ensure smooth, safe operations. When measuring this or any other factor, accuracy is of utmost importance, so choosing the right temperature sensor demands proper consideration. Based on the measurements you record the most, varying temperature sensors will work best in different settings. Most likely, you will require a thermistor, a thermocouple, or a resistance temperature detector (RTD), so this blog will walk you through the best applications for each.

Since the original Wright brothers flight in Kitty Hawk, NC, powered aircraft have seen consistent advancements to their design and capabilities, allowing them to carry out operations that were before thought impossible. While technology such as the jet engine is often lauded for its impact on flight capabilities, there are numerous other aircraft changes that have made a significant difference, yet have mainly remained underappreciated. One of these is the flexible shaft, that of which is a structure located in areas such as the engine, exhaust, and wing structures. In this blog, we will discuss flexible shafts in brief detail, allowing you to better familiarize yourself with such aircraft elements and the role that they serve.

In a majority of piping systems, valves serve as integral engineering devices. These mechanical/electromechanical devices have the ability to control the flow of various media. As such, there are many different types of valves, each of which suits a diverse set of applications. In this blog, we will be covering one specific type: diaphragm valves.

A breather valve, also known as a relief valve, is as vital to a pressurized system as a nose is for the body. When a storage tank is overpressurized, the breather valve provides an escape for excess air to leave the tank. The breather valve is also referred to as a vacuum relief valve, and it is typically mounted on a fixed roof storage tank.

Probably one of the most widely used components, bearings find use in a variety of applications. In particular, bearings serve machines or devices that move, enabling rotation while reducing stress caused by friction. That being said, this blog will provide a brief overview of bearing parts, allowing you to better understand their design and functionality.

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