Different Types of Rotary Wing Aircraft

Rotary wing aircraft, also called rotorcraft, use rotating blades to generate lift and thrust. Their stability is maintained by the tail rotor, which balances the torque produced by the main rotor, both of which are powered by the engine. They are capable of multiple maneuvers like vertical takeoff and landing, hovering, and traveling in any direction, making them useful during operations that lack a runway or smooth terrain where traditional methods of takeoff and landing would otherwise work. Rotary wing aircraft find use in transportation, search and rescue missions, medical evacuation, firefighting, and military operations. Read on to learn more about different types of rotary wing aircraft.

Different Types of Rotary Wing Aircraft

1. Helicopter: The most common type of rotary wing aircraft is the helicopter, which is dependent on an engine-driven rotor that spins to produce lift. Helicopters are capable of moving in various directions because of their rotor, producing lift in all helicopters and enabling pilots to maintain control of the aircraft.

2. Autogyros: Autogyros are another type of rotary wing aircraft. Commonly known as gyrocopters, these aircraft have an unpowered rotor that generates lift by using a freely rotating rotor and the forward propulsion of an engine-powered propeller. Unlike a helicopter, an autogyro's rotor is driven by aerodynamic forces.

3. Gyrodyne: A gyrodyne is a type of rotary wing aircraft that is popularly known as a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle (VTOL). Although they have an engine-powered rotor that functions similarly to helicopters, gyrodynes have an advantage over helicopters in that they require less runway area to take off and land. They also feature an auto-adjusting rotor, which reduces the possibility of stalling and other issues that helicopters often face.

4. Roto Kite: Another form of rotary wing aircraft is the roto kite, a stable flier that generates lift through an unpowered rotor. Some roto kites include single or multi engines but these are not used to power the rotor. Unlike helicopters, all roto kites have an unpowered rotor. In fact, some roto kites do not feature any rotors and are launched from a bigger aircraft, causing the roto kite's rotor to rotate and generate ample lift in rotary wing aircraft.

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December 20, 2022
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