Inclinometers are known by many names, so you might be familiar with these instruments as clinometers, gradiometers, tilt indicators, or slope gauges. As indicated by the name, tilt indicators are used to measure angles of slope/tilt and elevation/depression of an object with respect to gravity. Across various industries, inclinometers are beneficial in many applications, including aviation purposes. For your greater understanding, this blog will explore the functions of and different uses for inclinometers.

In 1915, in order to secure a customer’s farm tractor engine, Frank Donaldson developed the first effective air cleaner. Since then, they have been solving customers’ filtration challenges becoming a technology leader in the aviation industry. Donaldson Aerospace and defense which is a division of Donaldson company announced it on 1st August about transport Canada had certified its IBF (Inlet Barrier Filters) to Airbus. It will be used for installation process within Airbus helicopters AS350 B3, EC130T2 and EC130 B4.

The United States Navy is looking for alternative means of transporting aircraft, as the current aircraft carriers may be unnecessarily bulky and costly to operate. One Nimitz-class carrier costs $14 billion to build, plus $7 million a day to operate. With costs so high, the branch is looking for more cost-efficient substitutes.

UTC Aerospace Systems has received a USD$39 million US Navy contract to supply surface ship sonar domes for the branch’s Oliver Hazard-class frigates and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers.

Barnes Group Inc. was founded in 1857 by Wallace Barnes as a spring manufacturer for clocks and hoop skirts. The business grew enormously over time and spent the next few decades acquiring spring manufacturing competitors and expanding their facilities across the United States. In 1923, the Associated Spring Corporation was formed and the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1963. In 1976, the company was rebranded as Barnes Group Inc. Although the position of chief executive officer is open to others outside the family, control of the company remains within the Barnes name through their board member positions.

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