Canada keeps dirt away using IBF

In 1915, in order to secure a customer’s farm tractor engine, Frank Donaldson developed the first effective air cleaner. Since then, they have been solving customers’ filtration challenges becoming a technology leader in the aviation industry. Donaldson Aerospace and defense which is a division of Donaldson company announced it on 1st August about transport Canada had certified its IBF (Inlet Barrier Filters) to Airbus. It will be used for installation process within Airbus helicopters AS350 B3, EC130T2 and EC130 B4.

“This important Transport Canada certification gives individual and mixed fleet operators the ability to equip their helicopters with the best engine protection available,” said AFS Business Development Director Robert Stenberg. “AFS AS350/EC130 IBF-equipped aircraft can also operate to the basic inlet performance charts thanks to no inlet driven flight or gross weight restrictions, and pilots have the option to use the sand filter performance charts when required.”

Inlet Barrier Filtration Kit removes more than 99% airborne dirt and sand that create damage with helicopter engines, while providing intensified engine performance over the whole flight envelope when compared to standard particle separators. Along with required performance developments on many platforms, barrier filter technology applied to turbine engine inlets has the prospective to produce substantial return on investment for operators. With minimal airframe modification, the engine runs cooler and the aircraft flies higher. Filtration kits are easy to maintain and replace and are more cost-effective than replacing a single damaged engine component. Other benefits of the Inlet Barrier Filter System are less inspections and exchanges of engine parts due to erosion and completely covered installation under the transmission cowling.

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