Northrop Grumman has announced that they have been awarded a contract by the US Air Force worth north of $60 million dollars. The contract is for the US Air Force’s Battlefield Airborne Communication Node (BACN) payload operations and support. The BACN is an airborne communications relay and gateway system hosted by the United States Air Force (USAF) on a variety of US Army aircraft designated as the EQ-4B which is the Global Hawk variant and the E-11A which is the Global Express modification.

The US Navy Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) has awarded Harris Corporation with a $113 million radar upgrade contract. The contract is split into an initial order of $39 million along with three 1-year options that will be sent in 2016. This radar is considered a primary long-range, three-dimensional radar.

U.S. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has announced that SSN 798, a Virginia-class attack submarine, will bear the name USS Massachusetts. The USS Massachusetts and its Virgina-class sister ships are advanced stealth, multimission, nuclear-powered submarines designed for deep ocean anti-submarine warfare and littoral (shallow water) operations. Virginia-class submarines are capable of attacking targets ashore with Tomahawk cruise missiles and conduct long-term, covert surveillance of land areas and littoral waters among other sea-based forces.

On the morning of May 29, 2015 the Harris Corporation completed its $4.75 billion acquisition of Exelis Inc. Bringing together two engineering-driven companies with combined pro forma revenue of $8 billion will create a force with significantly greater scale. Exelis Inc. is a Virginia-based manufacturer and industry leader in positioning and navigation control, sensors, air traffic management solutions, image processing and distribution, communications and information systems.

In June 2015, Electric Boat received a USD$46.4 million contract from the United States Navy for planning efforts in support of maintenance and modernization work on the USS Montpelier. Under the contract, they will be responsible for performing various planning activities required to conduct an interim dry-docking period for the Los Angeles-class attack submarine.

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