Russian Bombers To Get Hypersonic Missiles

On November 28th 2016, there was an article posted on Defense Blog talking about how Russian bombers are working on creating new hypersonic missiles for Long Range Aviation.

Russia has begun testing these missiles also known at the Tu022M3 which can fly as fast as five times the speed of sound. It seems as if these weapons will be able to last several years which will ideally last until 2020-2021.

By the year 2020, Boris Obnosov, the Tactical Missile Systems Corporation general director, told Russian media that he plans to have missiles that can reach up to speeds of Mach 6 and Mach 7 by 2020. He also mentioned this:

“It’s obvious that with such speeds – when missiles will be capable of flying through the atmosphere at speeds of 7-12 times the speed of sound, all [air] defense systems will be weakened considerably.”

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