Russian Space Excited to Announce Their new Spacecraft of the future

Many people are excited for the news that space rocket corporation Energiya has announced that they are developing a new heavy duty cargo space vehicle. This vehicle is going to be capable  of orbiting large payloads. They are currently used 4 times a week. This is going to be different for the future cargo. The Future Cargo spacecraft will be launched up to three times. Which makes a huge difference.  The Russian space really knew what is the most helpful for the future. Also this future spacecraft will be able to handle more payloads compared to the 2600 kilograms Progress craft can currently take on board. this will lead to lower costs and will help them save more money therefor they could potentially come up with more efficient products.

Although Cargo has established most of the technicality that goes in to be able to make this Heavy cargo, they have not been able to establish a set design. It Is definite that they have ideas, but it nothing not been finalized. Energiya’s CEO Vladimir Solntsev said that they design should be completed in December 2016. Recently, it has been discussed whether creating a new cargo spacecraft established by the Russian aircraft on the agenda with the development of the Soyuz-2. 1b rocket with a higher payload and larger nose cone.

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