Some of the Essentials to Know About Impellers

What are the Significance's and Applications of Impellers?

Impellers are types of rotors that are used to increase the pressure of air, solids, liquids or even gas. Impellers are very similar to propellers except they do not have large blades. You can find impellers in many different applications such as air moving applications, electronic cabinet cooling, telecommunications, air filtration, and networking and ventilation systems. You can find impellers in centrifugal compressors, impellers in water jets, impellers in agitated tanks, impellers in washing machines, impellers in gas turbine engines, impellers in medical devices, impellers in air pumps, and etc. Impellers vary in sizes and vary in what material they are made out of. It depends on what the use is.

Many Type of Impellers:

Some of the different types of impellers are:

  • radial impellers
  • mixed flow type impeller
  • mixed flow semi-axial type impeller
  • closed open and double suction impeller
  • closed single vane impeller
  • open single vane impeller
  • closed single passage non-clogging impeller
  • closed 2-passages non-clogging impeller
  • open 2-passage non-clogging impeller with S-shape
  • 3 passage non-clogging
  • 3 passage non-clogging cylindrical vanes
  • Single stage
  • 2 stage
  • Double suction single stage

 All these different types of impellers have different applications. The sizes and shapes of the propellers also vary, ranging in sizes from fitting a large dam turbine generator to fitting a small water jet to power speed boats.

Some of the Common Features:

Some of the impellers are motorized which means they have more features that non-motorized impellers. Some of those special features include, but are not limited to:

  • Variable speed control (voltage or PWM)
  • Motor speed
  • Locked rotor protection
  • Motor overload protection
  • Motor slow start
  • Wide voltage supply range
  • Reverse connection protection

Motorized impellers are more complex versus non-motorized impellers. They are designed for high reliability, high airflow, high static pressures, and for limited space.

Who is the Trusted Distributor of impellers?

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