RAAF Awards CAE Contract

CAE Australia has recently been awarded a contract from the Australian Department of Defense Capability and Acquisition Sustainment Group (CASG) in order to design and develop a C-130J fuselage cargo compartment trainer which will be used by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). CAE, formerly known as Canadian Aviation Electronics, is a Canadian manufacturer of model and simulation technologies as well as training services for aircraft manufactures, airlines, and defense customers.

The C-130J Fuselage Trainer (FUT) is anticipated to be delivered in the spring of 2018 to the Royal Australian Air Force at their Base Richmond location. These trainers will be utilized in order to offer high-fidelity training to load-masters. The Royal Australian Air Force’s C-130J load-master crews are responsible for the unloading and loading of cargo onto the C-130J Hercules aircraft. These load-masters are also responsible for ensuring proper aircraft balance and weight.

The new fuselage trainer marks the first time that our C-130J load-master workforce will have a dedicated training device that accurately reflects the configuration of this aircraft.

said the Commander of the Royal Australian Air Force’s Air Mobility group, Air Commodore Richard Lennon.

The C-130J fuselage trainer will complement our C-130J full-mission flight simulator and other training devices, providing our C-130J workforce with immersive, full-crew mission training in a virtual environment.

Serving as the prime contractor, CAE Inc Australia will be responsible for the overall design, development, and ultimately, delivery of the C-130J Fuselage Trainer. CAE will likely be using the design and simulation software which was already developed for the C-130J Fuselage Trainer that was delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force. CAE will also be overlooking a group of subcontractors, which includes Airbus Defense and Space as well as Lockheed Martin. These subcontractors will be responsible for the hardware modifications on an ex-RAAF C-130H fuselage, which will act as the physical platform for the latest C-130J fuselage cargo compartment trainer.

We are pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with the Royal Australian Air Force's air mobility group as their C-130J training partner.

said the general manager and vice president of CAE Asia/Pacific, Defense and Security, Peter Redman.

The RAAF is one of the world's leading air forces in the application of simulation-based training to cost-effectively support the preparation and readiness of their aircrews, which ultimately contributes to mission success.


December 18, 2019
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