UK Ministry Planning to Develop Unmanned Rotary Wing Aircrafts

The UK Ministry of Defence is joining up with Leonardo Company, in a jointly funded programme, to develop concepts for future unmanned rotary wing aircrafts. After successful 2016 demonstrations and Phase 1 activities, they are looking to launch Phase 2 of the (RWUAS) Demonstrator Programme. With so many advancements in technologies that are now at our fingertips, the UK is looking to find exciting and innovative ways to reduce the costs and increase the capabilities in rotary wing and unmanned aircrafts. These technologies are just one of the many steps that are helping keep our military personal safe while in the battlefield. Not only does the UK have their own programme efforts, but with their rising defence budget and £178 billion Equipment Plan, they also planning on staying at the cutting edge by working with allies and industry academics alike. The specialist engineering staff at Leonard are working hard on research and development to build operational capabilities for the unmanned aircrafts. These technologies are helping to lower the risks associated with unmanned rotary aircrafts in challenging environments.

“This is an exciting time as the opportunities presented by unmanned technologies start to be realised in the vertical take-off and landing sector. These technologies and systems can be a game changer in terms of undertaking a wide range of autonomous operations at a significantly lower cost”, says Leonardo’s Chief Executive Officer and General Manager Mauro Moretti. The UK’s Ministry of Defence has also signed a 10-year Strategic Partnering Arrangement (SPA) with Leonardo Helicopters in July of 2016. This partnering arrangement will focus on delivering ever increasing value to the UK tax payers on current contracts; working on new technologies and capabilities with existing manned and unmanned concepts for future development. Not only is there need for technology and innovation for these new concepts, but also being able to locate and acquire the hardware that is needed can be half the battle. With help from Just NSN Parts you can get in contact with a sales associate who will get the computer hardware shipped out to you promptly.


December 18, 2019
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