Airbus A350 XWB Parts From Triumph Group to Harbin Hafei Company

There has recently been a huge deal in the aviation industry news, as Triumph Group seals a $26,000,000 deal with Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Manufacturing Centre Company. This deal was centered upon Triumph group providing parts for the Airbus A350 aircraft. Triumph Group will provide composite rudder component kits for the Airbus A350 aircraft family, and will look to do so for the next five to seven years. This was not the only big deal, as they landed an agreement with Textron Aviation to supply aluminum machined parts for Textron’s new Cessna super-midsize aircrafts. These two excellent deals have Triumph Group proving to the world that they are offering high-quality support and services globally, and is a testament to their growing business and success.

Triumph Group supplies qualitative aerospace systems and components internationally and they also manufacture, design, and engineer aircraft components. They serve as original equipment manufacturers for regional commercial airlines as well as cargo carriers. They also work with military and business aircrafts and components as well. Triumph is also able to repair, overhaul, and run maintenance for almost all major aircraft systems. They hold a very wide variety of aircraft parts that they can service under their belt, and have become one of the best. What makes Triumph great as an MRO is the fact that they have many parts available in stock, and can even manufacture a part if need be! This allow them to truly be a powerhouse in the aviation market and industry, and is the reason that Triumph Group continues to flourish.

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October 17, 2019
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