Gogo Business Aviation and Duncan Aviation Collaborate to Create a Newer 4G Providing Airborne System

Both Duncan Aviation and Gogo Business Aviation have begun on their latest project of enhancing a 4G system for aircrafts that can be used efficiently midflight. Many airlines and companies have successfully managed to sustain in-air network but not quite like their latest innovation. The new innovations will consist of Gogos entertainment system known as the Gogo vision.  The “Gogo Vision serves up 200 Hollywood blockbuster movies & hit TV shows on your aircraft with catalog updates every month. Plus, breaking news. Moving maps. Destination weather. Flight progress. In-cabin file sharing. And more.”  Working hand in hand with Duncan Aviation to be able to complete their project fast and very efficiently.

Duncan was chosen to be a part of this due to their enormous capably and what they offered to the table.  They specialize as a MRO (Maintance, repair and overhaul) organizations which include three full facilities. These facilities are home to more than satellite avionics teams that are scattered all around the US. Duncan’s team of trained satellite avionics team has currently “installed more than 575 Air-To- Ground and WLAN systems.” The beginning of the launch of the first half of project of the 4G connectivity was scheduled in 2017 by Gogos.  Alongside the 4G connectivity the package will include a “802.11ac Wi-Fi service” that will be distributed all from one light and extremely concealable box.

The Gogo & Duncan 4G network can be installed into airplanes such as :
  • Bombardier, Inc., CL-600-2B16 (Challenger 604, 605 & 650)
  • Bombardier, Inc., BD-100-1A10 (Challenger 300 & 350)
  • Bombardier, Inc., BD-700-1A10 & BD-700-1A11 (Global Express and Global 5000)
  • Dassault Aviation, Mystere-Falcon 900 and Falcon 900EX
  • Dassault Aviation, Falcon 2000 and Falcon 2000EX
  • Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, G-IV and GV

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October 17, 2019
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