Major Assembly of Boeing 787-10 Commences

The Boeing Company has recently announced that Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the 787 program partner, has started the major assembly for the Boeing 787-10, which is the biggest of the three family members of the Dream-liner aircraft.  In Japan on March 14, 2016, Kawasaki Heavy Industries initiated the installation of the circular frames inside of the mid-forward section of the aircraft's fuselage. The commencement of the aircraft’s assembly comes a full two weeks prior to the original scheduled dates.

Beginning major assembly early underscores the commitment, discipline and performance of the entire Boeing and partner team worldwide.

said the vice president of the 787 Airplane Development division for Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Ken Sanger.

We are taking all the right steps to ensure we integrate the 787-10 into the production system smoothly.

In early December, the Boeing Company finished their detailed designs of the 787-10 aircraft, providing for vital information needed in order to build tools and parts required for the assembly of the aircraft. The 787-10 was officially revealed in 2013 at the Paris Air Show.

This new aircraft extends the fuselage from the 787-9 with a pair of fuselage plugs, totaling in at 18 feet with the capabilities of carrying 40 additional passengers in comparison to the 787-9 with this 15 percent increase in passenger capacity. The Boeing Company estimates that around 95 percent of the 787-10 build and design originates from the 787-9 aircraft.

The Boeing Company is currently building ten 787s a month, with plans to increase these numbers to 12 a month by the end of this year, and 14 a month by the end of the decade.

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December 18, 2019

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