Bell Helicopter Announces Memorandum Signing

Bell Helicopter has just announced the signing of a memorandum of Understanding with a leading company in the Romanian defense and aerospace industry, IAR- Ghimbav Basov Group. Being a global partner with IAR- Ghimbav Basov Group will ally the aircraft manufacturer with the industry leader in aeronautical structures and electrical work who happens to place a special emphasis on MRO capabilities for helicopters. IAR- Ghimbav Basov Group has been in operation for more than eight decades and is the first point of contact for support on the AH-1Z “Viper” attack helicopter when the Romanian government makes a decision.

The Romanian government especially has a need for advanced reliable platform for their national security and defense interests. Their explicit goal is to modernize their aerospace defense equipment and enhance those capabilities in order to more effectively contribute towards national and regional defense. This follows a growing trend of Eastern European nations increasing their defense spending in order to better support and deter the ever growing threats both on a regional and national level. Right now the government of Romania continues to commit funding/resources to the cause in order to meet the NATO threshold and will assuredly exceed the current1.7% rate of defense spending in the years to come.

The AH-1Z Viper is lauded as the most technologically advanced anti-tank attack chopper in production and offers the widest range of precision weapons armed with the most sophisticated sensors while armed to the teeth with 16 Hellfire missiles, 2 AIM-9’s, and 650 20mm rounds. Designed in a partnership with the United States Marine Corps this chopper combine’s low acquisition cost, maintenance and life-cycle costs with the most advanced weaponry available today.

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December 18, 2019

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