Another Contract for Airbus to Aid British Helicopter Fleet

On May 20th 2016, Andrew Chuter released an article on Defense News discussing about how Airbus has yet again won another contract with the British Helicopter Fleet. The article says that the British Ministry of Defense as award Airbus with a £500 million contract in order for Airbus to deliver about 30 of its Airbus helicopters for military use. This military use is specifically for the rotor-craft helicopter.

Airbus Industries has failed to disclose the specific amount of helicopters that will be delivered to the British Helicopter Fleet.

This award contract will help air and support the H135 and H145 platforms. The platform is part of the MFTS program which is also known as the military flying training system.

According to Ian Morris, Airbus’ UK defense boss, the company builds some helicopters at its own risk with anticipation of securing large order sized deals such as this one. If Airbus is on track and on schedule for this, the parts should in ready to go in functional condition by April 2018.

Morris expands more on this time constraint.

It was always an extremely tight time frame. We have to move from contract signature a few days ago to full service providing 28,000 flying hours a year by April 1, 2018. Under the normal way of doing things that’s nearly incomprehensible, so we made a strategic decision back in the late summer of 2015 as we completed our offer to start building aircraft at risk.

There is a possibility that four of the helicopters will be able to be completed and ready by the end of this year.


December 18, 2019
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