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Innovation and Ingenuity:

Bodine started manufacturing motors in 1905. The company started in Loomis, Nebraska by brothers Paul and Carl Bodine. The brothers spent their spare time refining their motor design skills in a small workshop for a few years trying to improve their engine. It wasn’t until two years after they opened their workshop and had expertise with their motors, that they found their first large customer, a dentist. The brothers built an improved motor for the dentist that opened the doors to an industry they never thought about and was the starting success. The development of the improved motor was a kick start of the company. Today the Bodine Electric Company is a manufacturer of customer solving application challenges, a manufacturer of gearmotors and drive solutions, and a manufacturer of deliver high-quality products. They are headquartered in Northfield, Illinois and manufacture gearmotors that are found in industrial and commercial applications.

Bodine Provides the Best and Faultless at Best Deals:

Their product line consists of the following:

  • AC Gearmotor and Motors
  • DC Gearmotors and Motors
  • Brushless DC Gearmotors and Motors
  • Motion Controls and Accessories

Bodine Products - Largely Purchased for Many Applications:

For over 100 years, Bodine Electric Company has been the choice for engineers when it comes to high-performance AC introduction, Permanent Magnet DC and Brusless DC motors, gearmotors, and controls. Customers contact the Bodine Electric Company for the latest industry software because their motors offer excellence performance. The challenges that their motors surpass are mechanical vibration, electrical noise, and thermal performance. Bodine’s customers come from a variety of applications that include food service and food processing, medical & healthcare, material handling, printing and fishing, office automation, packaging, laboratory equipment, entertainment, machine tool, architectural products, industrial automation, graphics and promotion, plastic processing, transportation, graphics and promotion, plastic processing, transportation, motion picture and many others.

Receive your orders on Time as Promised from ASAP Semiconductor:

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