Badger Meter Inc. - Unconquerable in the Market for Flow Measurement Control Technologies

Amongst the Best and Largest with Enormous Industry reputation

Badger Meter Inc. has a U.S. headquarters located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and a European headquarters located in Germany. They were founded in 1905 and is now a world leader in manufacturing products that use flow measurement control technologies. They are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol BMI. Badger Meter Inc. is part of the American Water Works Association. The American Water Works Association is the group that sets the standards for water measurement in the United States.

Application Areas

Badger Meter's products measure and control liquids direction of flow such as water, oil and chemicals in several different applications that include the following:

  • Water utility:
    • For the wire utility line, Badger Meter Inc. offers AMRE & AMI hardware solutions, software solutions, meters, & encoders
  • Gas Utility:
    • For the gas utility line, Badger Meter Inc. offers the following lines:
      • Gas meter endpoints, hardware, and read center analytics software.
  • Industrial:
    • For the industrial line, Badger Meter Inc. offers products that can depend on accurate flow measurement and control.
  • Commercial industrial applications:
    • For the commercial industrial applications Badger Meter offers products for the following applications: water/wastewater, oil & gas, chemical/petrochemical, process industries, irrigation, HVAC/building automation, congrete/aggregate, aviation & aerospace and automotive aftermarket.

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