B Microfarads Inc. – Know About Its Operation, Business and Core Competency

A Manufacturer of Capacitors:

Baker Microfarads was formed in October of 1990 when a group of former Sprague Electric employees purchased the Sprague Electric miniature aluminum manufacturing facility in Hillsville, VA. Sprague Electric was started in 1926 in Massachusetts with inventing a tone control device that greatly improved the sound of radios. Over the course of the company, Sprague Electric underwent many acquisitions. The former employees of Sprague Electric established Baker Microfarads as a manufacturer of high quality, high reliability aluminum electrolytic capacitors with the knowledge that had acquired from Sprague Electric. Electrolytic capacitors differ from other type of capacitors because they use an electrolyte as one of its plates to achieve a larger capacitance. Having a large capacitance means having the ability to store an electrical charge. Baker also manufacturers axial- and radial- leaded DC capacitors. These types of capacitors are usually used in the automotive applications.

Significant Applications of Baker Microfarads Products

The company’s products are used in many applications; some of the applications include the following:

  • Filtering
  • By-pass
  • Coupling-decoupling
  • Timer Applications
  • Energy Storage
  • Noise Suppression
  • Instrumentation
  • Automotive Applications
  • Telecommunications

800-810P AC Motor Run – The Latest in the Product Line

Baker Microfarads continuous to release new products to enhance new product development. The latest product family they released is the 800-810P AC motor run. The features of this new product line are that they offer a wide temperature range, they have a long life, and they also have two and three leaded radial designs. This product family offers capacitors that a voltage ranges from 6.3 to 250 VDC.

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