Bennett Marine Trim Tabs for Boating Platforms

Posted on December 9, 2014 Josh Parker Manufacturer

Bennett Marine, established in Deerfield Beach, Florida, was founded in 1960 by Charles Bennett. The company specializes in manufacturing hydraulic trim tabs for boating platforms and boasts a 78% worldwide market share of trim tabs with distribution across 60 countries. Previously based on electro-mechanical power, the company switched their aviation trim tab systems to hydraulic power in order to avoid the hazards of placing electrical systems underwater.

A trim tab is a device that allows a more stable running of the boat across waves. Trim tabs are designed to get the boat on plane more quickly, to plane at lower speeds, adjust the boat’s attitude for changes in speed, sea conditions, and weigh shifts, and to correct listing.

They have advantages with regard to performance – by increasing speed, reducing pounding, eliminating porpoising, and offsetting prop torque; with regard to efficiency – by reducing fuel consumption (in that it is possible to plane at a lower RPM since trim tabs add to the lift previously required with increased throttling), reducing engine laboring, eliminating squatting (when the boat slows from maximum speed and settles at the stern creating an untrimmed condition requiring more fuel); and with regard to safety – by improving visibility, reducing weight and hull stress, and improving steering.

In addition to the increased durability and responsiveness of a hydraulic system, Bennett Marine’s trim tabs also feature shielded connections and corrosion-resistant hinges. The Bennet Premier Line – XPT, BXT, and SST Systems – can be used in military/patrol vessels as well as large motor yachts and sports applications. The XPT is designed for vessels from 30 feet, the BXT for vessels from 40 feet, and the SST for vessels from 50 feet. Created for high-performance boats which encounter strenuous water conditions, the Premier Line is made of dual-acting solid, stainless steel actuators, precision machined single or dual cylinders, laser-cut 7-guage stainless steel planes, two hydraulic power units (capable of 2,400 pounds of force), and an Electronic Indicator Control (EIC5000) with internal sensors.

Aside from trim tabs, Bennett Marine also offers a line of accessories including the auto tab control device (which won the Innovation of the Year Award from the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association), trim tab indication devices (including the Electronic Indicator Control (EIC), the Tab Position Indicator (TPI), and the NMEA 2000 sensors), and hatch lifters (a quieter hydraulic alternative to electric hatch lifters which come in 12, 18, and 24 inch strokes, and either single or dual acting).

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