Raytheon Receives $86.2m Patriot Radar Upgrade Contract from US Army

The Raytheon Company has received a modernization upgrade contract from the United States Army for their Patriot Integrated Air and Missile Defense system radars, worth a maximum of $86.2 million.

This upgrade will boost the radar’s performance while reducing the operation costs. They will be more efficient at detecting threats and increase the reliability of the systems. The Army’s entire inventory of Patriots will be upgraded due to a contract modification from nearly two months ago. The Army has been upgrading their fleet with these for over two years now.

These upgrades are made possible by the new RDP (radar digital processor). The new ones, which are being funded by Patriot partnership, will come with these upgrades:

  • Better detection and target identification
  • Enhanced surveillance capabilities
  • Less operational and maintenance costs due to fewer components—the legacy processor has more than 700 components, while the RDP just has fewer than 100
  • 40% higher reliability rate than systems with the legacy component

The upgrades will be available to all countries that use the radar. In addition to the US, Patriot is in service in Egypt, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan.

"When one country develops an upgrade or improvement to Patriot, that capability is made available to the entire 13-nation Partnership,"

said Ralph Acaba, Raytheon vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense.

"With more than 220 Patriot fire units owned by 13 countries, countries whose industrial bases participate in manufacturing Patriot have a very large potential export market."

Patriot missile systems have been used in combat situations such as the Iraq conflict in 2003. The systems were stationed in Kuwait and successfully destroyed a number of hostile surface-to-surface missiles, using the new PAC-3 and guidance enhanced missiles.

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