Basler Electric – Widely established for Its extensive Line of Highly reliable Products

A Private Corporation:

Basler Electric is a privately held corporation that specializes in the design and manufacturing of various products. Their products vary from having products used for control and management of electric power to having products used for plastic molding. Basler Electric was started by Carl Basler in the 1940s with only rewinding and repairing electric equipment. A decade later, Basler Electric began manufacturing power supplies and rectifiers and kept expanding their product lines. Today, Basler Electric runs on its core values that include integrity, reliability, conduct, and sustainability.  The company is headquartered in Highland, Illinois and has facilities worldwide located in Taylor, Texas; Piedras Negras, Mexico; Wasselonne, France; Suzhou, China; and Singapore. Basler’s products are used in the following applications industrial, marine, power generation, power distribution, commercial, and custom transformers.

The Product Line of Basler Electric

Their product lines include the following:

  • Protective relay systems
  • Excitation systems
  • Voltage regulators
  • Genset controls
  • Custom transformers
  • Synchronizing
  • Engine controls

Basler Electric also has a subsidiary called Basler Plastics that specializes in injection of molding of plastic components. Basler Plastics components can be found in commercial molded plastic parts, gun components, marine components, molded plastic parts, exhaust systems, fryers, pumps and etc.

ASAP Semiconductor – Your Reliable Distributer for Basler Electric Products

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