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History in a brief:

Admiral Filter Company is recognized as the leader in the marine and aerospace industries when it comes to their designs of filters and separators. Admiral Filter Company manufactures the world’s largest range of filters and separators for all types of naval applications. In 2009 Admiral Filter Company acquired the assets of Parmatic Filter Corporation who pleaded guilty in federal court to charges of supplying substandard filters to the military. After these charges Parmatic filed bankruptcy and Admiral Filter Company decided to use this opportunity for future growth. Admiral Filter also acquired the assets of Parmatic Pollution Corporation, which has a service arm that works on ships around the world. Since then Admiral’s line of filters and separators are being used on over seventy different ships. One unique fact about Admiral that differentiates them from other manufactures in the marine and aerospace industry is the face that Admiral is a Woman Owned Business. Admiral works directly with the United States Government.

Sand committed to quality and customer satisfaction:

Admiral Filter Company provides themselves at maintaining the highest level of business ethics. As quoted on their website, “our company’s reputation for high legal and ethical standards is our greatest asset. Our ethics are the foundation for the trust which our costumers place in us, and allow us to gain respect and support in the community.” In order to maintain and uphold all their employee’s commitment to a higher level of ethical standards Admiral Filter Company established a Malpractice Policy which is regularly reviewed with employees. This Malpractice Policy operates with a zero-tolerance relative to fraud. Some of the products that Admiral Filter Company manufactures are moisture separators, fuel filter separators, liquid filters, gas filters and pressure indicators.

ASAP Semiconductor – Known Distributor of Admiral Filter Company parts:

ASAP Semiconductor is a leading distributor of all Admiral Filter Company parts, boasting a comprehensive inventory of both current and obsolete product lines as well as the capabilities to procure any parts we do not have. If you have a demand for any of these parts, please contact us today and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will be ready to assist you.


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