US Air Force Grants GE Contract to Support F110, F101 & F118 Engines

The subsidiary of General Electric, GE Aviation, was awarded with an engine support contract by the Defense Logistics Agency. As the company’s first Performance Based Logistics contract, the deal calls for GE Aviation to support F110, F101, and F118 engines. Currently valued at USD$330 million, the five-year contract will include supplying Tinker Depot and maintaining a worldwide supply of consumable parts. GE Aviation will preserve upgraded parts availability to the United States Air Force while decreasing the Defense Logistic Agency’s inventory. The F-Series Captains of Industry Contract gives an option of three years duration with a total contract value of USD$500 million. GE Aviation Systems looks to provide complete and profitable solutions with support to the warfighter. Contract work will be done at Tinker Air Force Depot.

The F110 engine is a turbofan jet engine used to power the F-14 Tomcat, F-15E Strike Eagle, and F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft. Over 3,100 F110 engines have already been ordered since the initial introduction by the United States Air Force in 1984.

The General Electric F101 is the base core design engine that the F110 engine was developed from. This turbofan engine powers the B-1 Lancer strategic bomber fleet of the United States Air Force. With the ability to produce 30,000 pounds of thrust, the F101 was the very first afterburner turbofan that was produced by GE Aviation.

A variant of the F110, the F118 is a non-afterburning version. Used on the B-2 Spirit and the Lockheed U-2, the F118 has an annular combustor with a 9-stage HP compressor and a 2-stage LP turbine for its 3-stage fan.

GE Aviation is one of the world’s leading aerospace suppliers. The company produces aircraft engines for military applications along with commercial aircraft. With over 37,000 employees, GE Aviation has met over USD$18 billion in yearly revenue and competes with industry leaders such as Rolls-Royce and Pratt & Whitney.

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