For GE9X Engine, Bigger Is Better

Boeing has an engine that is considered the world’s biggest engine in terms of size. This engine is called the GE9X engine suitable for the Boeing 777x aircraft. The GE9X out beats the second largest engine, the GE90, by over five full inches. The GE9X engine has a front fan with a diameter of 134 inches.

During its testing, GE Aviation system had to shell out a lot of money for an engine of this size. There was approximately $10 million that was spent at Peebles Testing Operations located in Ohio.

In terms of specifications, the bellmouth inlet duct measures over 18 feet in diameter as well as over 10 feet in length.

Phil Dietz, the GE9X program control board chair of GE Aviation, talks about the size of the engine. “The bellmouth inlet for the GE9X engine is the biggest GE has ever used and was built to fit in front of the GE9X’s large fan.”

Dietz then goes on to talk a little just about the engine itself.

“The inlet is a one-piece structure that conditions the air entering the engine’s fan and enables accurate airflow measurement during engine ground testing.”

Brian DeBruin, the plant manager for GE Aviation, talks more into the specifics about the GE9X.

“The GE9X’s 27:1 compressor ratio, the highest pressure ratio of any commercial engine in service, led us to make changes to the pressure system.”

He also adds a little bit more about how the engine is functions.

“We also upgraded our engine hoists and transporters to handle the GE9X and modified a wall in our prep building so the engine can be moved after final assembly to make its way to the test stand.”



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