First Wartsila 31 Engines to Power State-of the-Art Icebreaker

The most efficient four-stroke diesel engine - according to the Guinness Book of World Records - has been chosen to power a new icebreaker ship currently under construction in the PJSC Vyborg Shipyard.

The engine, known as the Wartsila 31, has only recently been introduced. It is part of a new generation of medium-speed engines, which focus more on efficiency and overall emissions performance. Consider it no coincidence that Wartsila has the best fuel economy of any engine in its class.  It is available in eight to sixteen cylinder configurations, which have a power output ranging from 4.2 to 9.8 MW, at 720 and 750 rpm. The awesome display of power shows how this new type of engine does not sacrifice performance with all the improvements in other areas.

The engine is also highly reliable, and cuts down on the need for replacement parts. The design alone will give maintenance men a break, reducing the repair costs.

“We are confident that this project will be a success because of Wartsila credibility in the industry, and the positive experience from our long established partnership with this solutions provider. High vessel availability and fuel efficiency are the key winning factors for any ship owner. The Wartsila 31 engines will facilitate a significant improvement in vessel operations, making it extremely competitive on the market. This new icebreaker, powered by Wartsila 31 engines, will be the most technologically advanced ship of its kind in the whole world,” said Chief Engineer Mustafa Kashka.

According to the company, some specifications of Wartsila 31 include:

  • Lowest fuel consumption over a wide operating range.
  • Highest cylinder power in its segment, 610 kW/cylinder.
  • Available in Diesel, Dual Fuel (DF) and Pure Gas (SG) versions.
  • Meets the coming IMO Tier 3 regulations when operating on gas or, alternatively on diesel coupled together with an SCR, without any increase in fuel consumption.
  • Reliability guaranteed through extensive validation and Wärtsilä’s vast manufacturing experience.
  • Supported by Wärtsilä’s extensive global service network.

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