Orbital ATK Wins $16m Abrams Tank Ammunition Contract

Orbital ATK announced that it has a $16m contract that will replace the four existing rounds with multi-purpose rounds for the Abrams main battle tank. This contract has options of the first phase of development of the 120mm AMP or advanced multi-purpose XM1147 high explosive multi-purpose with a tracer cartridge.

According to Dan Olson, the Orbital ATK Defense Systems Group Armament System division vice president and general manager,

We are committed to being the partner of choice for the production and development of ammunition for a wide variety of combat systems. Our ammunition innovations like advanced kinetic energy penetrators and air bursting munitions are providing combat overmatch for our warfighters - which is our company's mission. Our ability to innovate comes from a long history of creating new capabilities for existing systems through our expertise in fusing, warheads and platform integration."

The advanced multi-purpose XM11247 also has features that give it the ability to breach reinforced walls and also engage with anti-tank crews. Not only this, but it can also dismount at ranges up to 2,000 m.

The US Army and Orbital ATK have completed qualifications for the M829E4 earlier this year, thus, creating the service’s fifth-generation round. This round will be 120mm of kinetic energy that will be able to penetrate and destroy all modern armor and future armor concepts.

11 of the 13 existing 120mm tactical rounds have been successfully type-classified by Orbital ATK. In turn, this has created a partnership with the Army for 30 years for the Abrams tank.

The company has delivered more than four million rounds of the 120mm and training tank ammunition to the Marine Corps, US Army, and allied militaries since 1980.

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