Turkish Fighter Jets Violate Greek Airspace Over Aegean Sea

Greece and Turkey have had many disputes over the Aegean Sea. These disputes have been going for a long time. many are over the sovereignty and the specific and related rights of that area. To this day they still have disputes and conflicts. It has affected their relation since 1970. Some of the issued that have made this matter hard are the following: the delimitation of territorial waters, national airspace, exclusive economic zones, flight information regions, and military control. These issues have been trying to be resolves since 1998 and that is a long time. they still have not resolved any issued to this day. Recent reports mentioned that two Turkish fighter jets recently entered the Athens flight information Region. This caused a lot of tension between the countries. It is not a good idea to violate these rules. It was not just one violation it was four/ the violated that airspace in the northeastern and southwestern Aegean. But it is a good thing and good news that the Turkish jets did not engage in combat which is good because it would have been a big issue and it would have started long term struggles. This tension has caused problems. But per the National Defense Staff (GEETHA) the Turkish jets were reported as of not flying in formation. They were not armed as well. So in a way, this was a peaceful violation and it did not require or need protection from Greek. This did not cause or lead to many fights. They were able to clearly identify the jets which made it a really good idea. They found out that all the jets were identified and were intercepted according to international law.

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October 17, 2019
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