Turkey and Ukraine Collaborate on Defense Projects

Turkish Military officials recently announced that they will collaborate with Ukraine to design and manufacture new satellites. According to anonymous sources, the Ukrainian Defense Industry (Ukroboronprom) will share technology with Turkey’s state-controlled military software company Havelsan to jointly develop the satellites. The agreement also allows for future collaborations between each countries’ respective aerospace industries.

Eager to begin working with an Ally on joint programs, a Turkish procurement official stated the following:

We are pleased to observe that Ukraine is keen to share and develop technology with a NATO member state. We think we can efficiently cooperate in developing international [NATO] standard systems.

This deal comes mere months after Turkey and Ukraine vowed to co-develop various defense industry projects. Many believe this partnership has come about due to both countries having a common adversary. Back in February, Turkish Prime Minister Ah-met Davutoglu took a trip to Kiev to discuss collaborating against Russia, and it would appear that this new defense deal is an extension of these talks. Officials from both countries have also expressed a desire to collaborate on a number of different projects including aircraft engines, navigation systems, radar, and tanks.

If Turkey and Ukraine can realize these joint projects, then it will set the foundation for a strong Anti-Russian bloc for years to come. At any rate, Ukraine’s willingness to collaborate with a NATO member over an extended period of time may bode well for Ukraine itself joining NATO in the future. Ukraine has traditionally had little interest in joining NATO, but after Russia took military action against Ukraine in 2014, the country has aggressively made efforts to join. As of 2016, Ukraine is not an official member of NATO but they do receive funding in the form of trust funds. If Ukraine continues to work with NATO against Russia, then they may be granted membership by 2035.


October 17, 2019
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