TDK-Lambda Corporation announces new ZWS10-30B Series of power supplies

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TDK-Lambda Corporation announced the publication of TDK-Lambda’s new ZWS10-30B Series of open-frame, two-inch wide power supplies, with output power ratings of ten, fifteen, and thirty-watts. These high-density, high efficiency, low profile power materials are designed for a wide diversity of submissions including: Industrial, Test & Measurement, Communications, and Point-of-Sale Terminals and Displays. Using new design methods to combine high efficiency and power density, the ZWS10-30B Series devours less than 0.5W under no-load conditions. They feature a fine width of two inches and a low profile of one inch or less dependent on the output rating. The 10W models are only 2.89" long, the 15W models are 3.44" long, and the 30W models are only 4.13" long. They also announced the development of its TDK-Lambda HFE1600 range of 1.6kW high-density, front end power supplies with the addition of a 32V model. Mainly well-suited for use in broadcast submissions, the HFE1600-32 functions from a universal eighty five to two hundred and sixty five Vac input, and the high efficiency of up to ninety two percent reduces heat indulgence and power intake thus meeting Climate Savers Computing efficiency standards. The HFE1600-32 is equally well-suited for use in submissions including communications, servers, lasers, and process controls.

TDK-Lambda was founded in 1948. They are known as the world's leading manufacturer of industrial power supplies. Today the TDK-Lambda Power group of companies is an international presence with facilities in countries like Japan, China, England, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Singapore and even her in the United States. Some products that they manufacture are AC-DC converters  like the LZSA Series, PF Series, ZWD-PAF Series, Vega Series, MTW Series, SCS120PW Series and more.