Oshkosh Starts Production of ARFF Vehicle Program

Oshkosh Defense has begun the production and deployment phase of their aircraft rescue firefighting (ARFF) vehicle, the United States Marine Corps’ P-19R.

The P-19R, which is the replacement for the P-19, looks to give Marines an upgrade in off-road capabilities. With so many fires in tough-to-reach areas, the ability to handle all types of terrains is a necessity. They have also upgraded its speed and transportability, making it more efficient in its response times. It has a 600 horsepower engine, and can reach a top speed of 70 miles per hour.

Oshkosh was awarded the contract nearly two years ago, and will produce the vehicle until 2018. It will replace the P-19A fleet, which was first deployed way back in 1984, and is nearing the end of its service life.

The P-19R has undergone multiple required tests, and has successfully completed everything the government has asked it to go through. Oshkosh has achieved Milestone C approval for the platform and obtained a low rate initial production (LRIP) contract.

Oshkosh was much honored to receive the contract, and believed their track record of success shows they deserved it.

"The Oshkosh P-19R is backed by our company's unique combination of industry leading off-road military vehicle and ARFF expertise, providing marines with the latest innovative technology whether they're at a military base or an expeditionary airfield,”
said John Bryant, Oshkosh Defense programs senior vice-president. "Consistent with our strong track record of delivering programs on-schedule and on-budget, we're proud to deliver the new P-19R capabilities and safety that Marines need for future fire-emergency missions."

Oshkosh Corporation has been a top designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide variety of access equipment, commercial, fire & emergency, military and specialty vehicles and vehicle bodies for decades now. Their Defense division is one of the leading suppliers of tactical wheeled vehicles, such as the P-19R.

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