Gulfstream’s New Luxury Jet Hits the Skies

Gulfstream’s new luxury jet is embarking on a five-month long world tour to showcase all that it has to offer. This beauty is top of the line and will be touring around Chicago, Milan, Melbourne, Moscow and Beijing to show off everything that it can do. This tour is designed to introduce possible consumers to the planes statistics, extravagant interior and over the top technology. While this tour is the first step in introducing the plane to airlines that can add it to their line up, it might take a while before the rich and famous have an opportunity to ride in the G500 aircraft from Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.

The G500 has room inside for up to eight passengers, although the cabin can be re-configured to fit a whopping nineteen people. A huge draw for the G500 is its ability to make the cabin feel as if its at a lower altitude even if its 50,000 feet in the air. No matter where the plane is in the sky the cabin will always be at 4,850 feet, this is to help with jet lag and weariness associated with flying at high altitudes for extended periods of time. The jet also pumps in 100% fresh air, so the cabin is never using recycled air, a bit of luxury the average joe might never have thought about.

The cockpit is just as impressive as the cabin, boasting a dashboard with as many as ten aircraft touch screens, an ultra-enhanced vision system and even comes equipped with synthetic vision. This plane is the plane of the future.


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