Boeing Added 12 Orders to Their Order Log With Recent Air Lease Purchase

Leasing has become an option for major aviation industry companies in order to save their resources for other important tasks. Being more cost efficient from having to hire an entire maintance team for the aircrafts. Being removed of these types of responsibility allows for the purchasing company on more of the key components of their airlines and result in better custom approval.

Boeing has worked closely with ALC previously and will only increase the number of ALCs Boeing aircrafts fleet.

The recent order consists of 5 737 MAX 7 aircrafts along with seven 737 MAX 8 planes.

ALC has also decide to add two new 787-9 Dreamliner’s to their fleet to be able to give their customers an optimal flight along with very cost-efficient options.

CEO of ALC is very pleased with their recent additions to their company and the continuous possibilities that it will bring to them, "These additional orders reflect ALC's highly successful placements to date of our MAX and 787 order books, and the need to fulfil the incremental demand we are experiencing for these aircraft across both existing and new customers for ALC.”

Boeing is also very eager to be able to provide ALC with their latest aircraft technology in the Boeing 737 MAX family. The 737 MAX has been integrated with the newest engine technology, the LEAP-1B engines. The LEAP 1B engines have been created for a more fuel-efficient flight that benefits both parties.

Along with orders from BOEING, ALC has also been able to purchase a different set of 1B engines from the aerospace company CFM International. The 1B engines will be applied to 12 of the newly purchased Boeing MAX aircrafts. The entire order is estimated to be worth an approximate 348 million US dollars.


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