New Wartsila 31 Engine Achieves Guinness World Records Title for the Most Efficient 4-Stroke Diesel Engine

Wartsila’s recently launched engine, the Wartsila 31, has been declared by the Guinness World Records committee to be the most efficient 4-stroke diesel engine. Verified by the universally recognized power on record breaking on May 26, 2015, the achievement confirms Wartsila’s leading position in engine technology. The Wartsila 31 engine has the highest fuel efficiency levels, reaching as low as 165h/kWh which is significantly lower than any other 4-stroke diesel engines that are currently available on the market.

Standing at 15.4 feet tall and 28.8 feet long, the Wartsila 31 engine was designed for medium-sized ferries and cruise ships, and small-to-medium-sized tankers and container ships that require main engine propulsion in the 4.2-9.8MW power range. Wartsila has stated that the engine is ideally suited for AHTS vessels, OSVs, drilling and semi-submersible vessels, in which operational flexibility, high power density, long intervals between overhauls, and high levels of safety are required. The engine’s cylinder bore is 12.2 inches, has a stroke of 16.9 inches, and in its largest V16 format, can make up to 13,142 horsepower. The Wartsila 31 is available in three different versions – diesel, spark ignited gas, and dual fuel at 8V, 10V, 12V, 14V, and 16V.

Although all versions stand as extremely efficient engines, the diesel version utilizes an advanced fuel system, air injection system, and variable valve timing. By utilizing these three, the engine is able to deliver a world record efficiency of just 0.271 pounds per horsepower hour. In addition to a high level of efficiency, with the engine being modular, the Wartsila 31 allows maintenance procedures to be simplified and allows operators to easily convert the engine from one to the other, lowering costs and out-of-service time. The first servicing on the Wartsila 31 is only required after 8,000 running hours in comparison to other engines that requires service after 2,000.

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August 21, 2017
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