GE Finalizes on Dedienne as Their Official GE9XTM Engine Tooling Licenses

Over many years of collaboration between companies GE and Dedienne, Dedienne has finally been named the key provider of tool choice for GE Aviation. This recently added task only adds to the long list of already contributed services and products Dedienne offers such as calibrating, selling, maintaining, supporting, testing, leasing, servicing, and providing provisions.

“GE is focused on providing customers with exceptional service and product support. That’s why we’re pleased to sign Dedienne Aerospace as one of our tooling suppliers. Its engine tooling expertise and global footprint will benefit the GE9X engine fleet”

With the newly introduced task, Delienne LTD will focus primary on the tooling for the GE9X support. Not only will they be in shift their focus to the new program but will be able to continue working on their other designated divisions. Opening a new facility in Cincinnati will be able to handle operations for their remaining divisions much like customer service, GE Aviation support and support for GE’s engine program. This will ultimately create new opportunities to be able to maintain and support the GE9X as well as handle their previous responsibilities.

Dedienne’s dedication to the industry has not gone unnoticed as they have already achieved to be a certified Boeing licensee. With the current obtaining of the tooling license for the GE9X they will be able to provide maintance for not only the GE9X but the 777x Boeing aircraft for worldwide customers.

Dedienne has various locations across the globe to be able to provide service to companies worldwide. Locations such as China, Dubai, Europe Singapore, and the America’s.


August 21, 2017
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