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History of Lord Became Universal Leader:

Lord originated in Erie, Pennsylvania nearly 90 years ago in the year 1923. Today, with annual sales above $850 million, LORD is a universal leader in adhesives and coatings, vibration and motion control, and magnetically responsive technologies.

Operating from world headquarters in Cary, N.C., LORD has 16 manufacturing facilities, 7 R&D centers and 90 strategically located sales and support centers worldwide. Lords technologies are Active Vibration Control (AVC) Systems, Balancing Systems, Corrosion Control Coatings, Elastomeric Bonding, Electronic Materials, Fluid Vibration Isolation & Damping, High Performance/Heat Reflective Coatings (HPC/HRC), Industrial Metal Bonding Adhesives, and MR Solutions.

Lords support centers worldwide and product line today includes: Adhesives Coatings, Specialty Chemicals, Electronic Materials, Vibration & Motion Control, Magneto-Rheological (MR) fluids. With global reach and extensive technical capabilities, LORD has the ability to work on intricate formulations, balancing conflicting property and process requirements to deliver the solutions that meet customer and market demands.


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