Hartzell’s Trailblazer Receives STC for American Champion Scout

Hartzell Propeller Inc., the American manufacturer of metal, wooden, and composite propellers for aircrafts, has recently been working in collaboration with the American Champion Aircraft Corp, a manufacturer of light utility and acrobatic aircraft. The Federal Aviation Administration has recently approved of a Supplemental Type Certificate for installation of Hartzell Propeller’s new carbon fiber Trailblazer constant speed propellers for use on American Champion Aircraft’s Scout airplane.

This Supplemental Type Certificate also encompasses the Denali Scout as well as the 8GCBC Scout aircraft. Hartzell Propeller’s Trailblazer prop is a swept two-blade, 80-inch, advanced structural composite propeller. It will be replacing either the two-blade wood core propeller or the two-blade aluminum Hartzell, which are available from the factory for the Scouts.

We offer two-blade versions of our new swept-tip Trailblazer prop for a number of experimental and certificated back-country optimized aircraft, now including the STOL Scout.

said Joe Brown, the president of Hartzell Propeller.

The Trailblazer prop has exceptional performance and I fly it myself.

The new Trailblazer is life unlimited and will offer for an increase in climb performance in comparison to factory-equipped propellers. Hartzell Propeller’s Trailblazer is constructed of all carbon fiber and features a nickel-cobalt leading edge which can be replaced in the field. This will ensure for better performance under demanding bush and back-country flying.

We have enjoyed our working relationship with Hartzell Propeller, and this latest STC provides our Scout flyers with a lightweight higher performance option to make their flying even more fun, flexible and reliable.

said Jerry Mehlhaff Sr., the president of American Champion Aircraft Corp.

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December 18, 2019
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