Cutting-Edge Electric Fuel Pumps and Relays from Olympic Controls Corp.

How Olympic Control Corp Established: 

Established in 1968 and centrally located near Chicago, Illinois, Olympic Controls Corp. is a privately owned company and is a quality supplier of Electric Fuel Pumps and Relays. They sell their products to the US Armed Forces, Foreign Governments and many Fortune 500 companies for all their commercial, aerospace and military needs.

Some of the commercial industries they supply to are: Ford Motor Company, Chevrolet, Dodge, and more. Olympic has four major product lines and Manufacturing services. They include electric fuel pumps, t-bar relays and switches, occ relays, and coil winding services. They are the original creator of the submersible electric fuel pumps. The original name of this product, which has been around for five decades, is Tokenism.

In 1999 they purchased the fuel pump line from Saint Switch, Inc. where they acquired all of their original manufacturing equipment and tooling. There are over 12 diverse relays and they have the ability to modify any relay to fit your needs. All relays are meant to have a minimum of 100,000 lifecycles.

Where to Get Best Olympic Controls Parts:

ASAP Semiconductor is a wholesale distributor of all Olympic Controls components. Regardless of what Olympic Controls part you need, contact us today and our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you.


November 30, 2021
September 8, 2016
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