Combat Systems on Australia’s First Air Warfare Destroyer Begin Testing by the Navy

The system has begun testing on Australia’s first air warfare destroyer. Lockheed Martin, a U.S defense contractor has begun testing and the present participle of Aegis combat system on a first class destroyer called HMAS Hobart. The Lockheed Martin team brought life to the Aegis, said the head of surface ship programs Rob Miligan. The team is dedicated to making sure the delivery is successful to the Royal Australian Navy.

According to the USNI news,

The Hobart class will be the first vessels of the Australian Navy built around the Navy’s combat system and will include a Spy 1D air search radar, and a 48 cell mark 41 Vertical Launch System capable of fielding standard missile 2s.

Also the ships will be equipped with advanced sonar systems with surface launched torpedoes for anti-submarine warfare operations. The Harpoon missile system which is used against surface threats among a host of other armaments will also be on the warfare destroyer. The naval warfare ship will also have enough room on it to launch helicopters and have unmanned aerial vehicles on their flight decks.

For the Royal Australian Navy this is a huge milestone for them because it’s a significant step towards increase in the maritime security capabilities to defend against advanced air, and defends from surface and subsurface threats which the combat system defends against.

Australia will become a part of the allied nations with over 100 Aegis-equipped ships deployed worldwide, joining a family of allied nations they will continue pushing all the boundaries of innovation with affordable and adaptable potential to meet the war-fighter multiple mission needs.

The largest defense project by Australia would be the Hobart-class air warfare destroyer program to ever be started by the defense department of Australia till this day. The total coast for this project is to be estimated around or over $8 billion dollars, which they have an estimation to be completed hopefully June of 2017.


October 17, 2019
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