Celtech Corporation: A Leader in Engine Test Stand Manufacturing

Founded in 1976 and based in Carlsbad, New Mexico, Celtech Corporation specializes in designing and manufacturing Mil IM (military intermediate) jet and turboprop mobile engine test stands, including electronic systems and integration. Additionally, Celtech designs and fabricates complex rocket engine automatic test sets, auto-tuning RF aperture coupled triple coaxial cavities, and software intensive data acquisition systems.In 1997, the company acquired Space Corporation to further its ventures into this field.

In 1988, Celtech won a contract with the U.S. Air Force to deliver 104 engine test stands which featured a 2,500 gallon fuel trailer, control cab, and thrust or run-up trailer for organizational level testing.Celtech’s product portfolio includes: engine test stands (including the A/M47T-20 which tests every U.S. military jet engine, A/M37T-21 which tests turbo jet engines, and the A/E37T-33 FEDS which tests helicopter engines), engine adapter & control kits, throttles, instrumentation (including blind torque meters, synchro indicators, aft control DVM, vertical scale indicators, and more), DECMON (digital engine control monitor – an automated system for engine control and data acquisition), calibration tools, cable assemblies, pressure testing equipment, intercoms, and oil preservation systems.

In September 2013, Celtech became a subsidiary of Atec, Inc., another aero-engine company based in Texas which has recently won a 5-year contract with the U.S.A.F. for IDIQ task support of T20 & T21 test stands. Celtech hosts the U.S.A.F.’s surplus storage (bone-yard) for these test stands. The combined company boasts over 50 engineers and revenues for Celtech are expected to exceed $5 million in 2014. If you require parts for Celtech products or any other NSN-listed part, please browse through ASAP Semiconductor’s specialized website Just NSN-Parts at www.justnsnparts.com. We stock and distribute a variety of aerospace, computer, and IT parts for all of your procurement needs. For more information or to submit a request for a quote, contact us at sales@justnsnparts.com.


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