Raytheon Launches CCEWIF Program for USMDA

The United States Missile Defense Agency has begun a new project to stay one step ahead of opposition during wargames under its Advanced Technology Innovation Broad Agency Announcement. It has awarded The Raytheon Company a contract to develop a new system that will serve as an assessing tool. This system will rate the effectiveness of using specific missiles, kinetic interceptors, and electronic non-kinetic weapons. Those utilizing this program will know how to choose weapons for any type of scenario they are presented with and succeed in planning for these war fights.

The CCEWIF (Coordinated Cyber / Electronic Warfare Integrated Fires) program at Raytheon will use a mixture of kinetic and non-kinetic options. These analytics will be able to asses which possible defenses will yield a higher probability of success. This will be possible through generating realistic simulations using real world data on threats, kinetic and non-kinetic effects. Raytheon will create an algorithm to go with these simulations that qualify the probability of success, predict the battle damage to targets, and confidence values for every probability.

If successful, the CCEWIF should be able to provide probabilities of success that can take out an enemy ballistic missile before, during, and after it has been launched. This new wargame tool is planned for delivery by early 2018.

MDA awarded Raytheon the CCEWIF contract under its Advanced Technology Innovation Broad Agency Announcement.

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October 17, 2019
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