Bosch – A Distinguished Global Supplier of Technology and Services

History – Some Milestones 

Robert Bosch opened his first workshop in Germany for precision and electric engineering in 1886. Robert Bosch and his partner found much success in installing a low voltage magneto ignition device in a motor vehicle, a De Dion-Bouton three-wheeler. Then the first Bosch office outside Germany was built in Great Britain with the help of Fredrick R. Simms in 1898. Robert Bosch then asked his development engineer Gottlob Honold to improve his low-voltage device design so that it work without its break-spark rodding which is a high-maintenance part that is susceptible to breakdowns. In that same very year, Honold presented his first prototypes with spark plugs in place of break-spark Roding which came to the invention of the first high-voltage magneto ignition system with Bosch spark plugs in 1902. This was delivered immediately to Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. By 1906, the first Bosch office was established in the U.S. with the official name of Robert Bosch New York Inc. in 1927, the company produced a line of fuel injection pumps and nozzles for diesel engines. They acquired the heating division of Junkers & Co. GmbH.

Grown Bigger with Acquisitions

They acquired more companies along the way as well which include the following from most recent to the oldest:

  • Innovations software Technology GmbH in Immenstaad
  • Renamed to Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
  • Ersol Solar Energy AG
  • This Erfurt-based solar module manufacturer helped Bosch expand into a more extensive portfolio for systems and components for the generation of energy from renewable sources.
  • It is now known as Bosch Solar Energy AG
  • Health Hero Network
  • This software supplier specializes in telehealth solutions.
  • Buderus AG in Wetzlar
  • Mannesmann Rexroth AG
  • Merged with Bosch’s automation technology division.
  • Erich Wetzel Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH
  • Acquired in 1963 which led them into packing machinery

Bosch’s Extensive Portfolio

They designed many different products over the years that were many firsts and very successful such as their own hammer drill, refrigerator, hydraulic appliances, Jetronic which is the first pressure-controlled, electronic gasoline injection system, the lambda sensor, the ABS which is the first electronic four-wheel antilock braking system for cars, the first independent vehicle navigation system, Electronic stability program (ESP), the common rail, etc.

Bosch’s comprehensive portfolio of products and services are used in mobility, at home, industry and trade, software solutions, and healthcare. This company has a board of management who ensure these products and services are of high value. Dr. Hermann Scholl has been Honorary Chairman of the Bosch Group since July 2012. Volkmar Denner has also been the chairman of the board of management since July 2012. Led by these gentlemen, this company believes in developing a future with results, determination, responsibility to the environment, providing a trusting relationship to their customers, fairness, reliability, redibility, legality, and cultural diversity. These maintained goals have allowed them to be recently nominated for Future Prize as a good example of collaboration.

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