Anderson Greenwood : High Performance Pressure Relief

Anderson Greenwood was established in 1947 in Houston, Texas. The company manufactures high pressure relief valves (both performance pilot operated and direct spring operated) and other specialty products (including instrumentation valves, manifolds, safety selector valves and tank blanketing regulators). Used in applications including offshore oil & gas production, gas processing, refinement, and petrochemical and chemical processing, Anderson Greenwood is a premier supplier of a wide range of D/P (differential pressure) instruments.In 1986, Anderson Greenwood was purchased by Keystone International which was acquired by Tyco Flow Control in 1997. As a subsidiary of Tyco, Anderson Greenwood merged with Crosby to form Anderson Greenwood Crosby, the name by which the company currently goes by.

Anderson Greenwood’s product categories include: direct spring operated pressure relief valves (Types 81 and 83 feature patented internals and soft seats and carry the ASME Section VIII Code Stamp, suitable for gas, vapor, and steam service; Type 81P, designed for liquids, is fully open at only 10% overpressure and has a pressure-loaded spindle ring for less chatter); pilot operated pressure relief valves (POPRV) (Series 200 is a no-flow, pop action valve designed for gas; Series 400 is a non-flowing, modulating, action valve designed for gas, liquid, and two-phase applications; Series 500 is a modulating action valve suitable for hot water, steam (ASME section VIII Unfired Pressure Vessels), hot hydrocarbon vapors or liquids, and corrosive services; series 700 can be used up to temperatures of 538 degrees Celsius; and Series 800 can be set at pressures up to 6170 psig) Anderson Greenwood also provides tank protection products (a relief device for low pressure systems including storage vessels, tanks, and piping systems) which are ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) VIII and API (American Petroleum Institute) 2000 compliant, with many models IMO (International Maritime Organization) compliant. Finally, the company offers safety selector valves which are “switchover” devices, i.e. instruments which allow continuous overpressure protection on a dual-pressure valve installation. If you’re in the market for parts and components with industrial applications, including valves from Anderson Greenwood Crosby, please check out Just NSN-Parts. Just NSN-Parts is a division of ASAP Semiconductor that primarily distributes items with a National Stock Number (NSN). Prospective customers may browse through our website at or contact us at for more information or to submit a request for a quote.


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