Airbus Contemplates the release of the A350-2000 model

Airbus continues its second thoughts on the release of their innovative lighter aircraft, the A350-1000 model. Confirmation of Airbus having second thoughts of releasing the A350 model was said by John Leahy sales chief of airbus industries on opening day of Farnborough Air show.

Similar to a known model of the BOEING 777- 9X with a similar size Leahy admits that Boeing has stretched their 777 models only to achieve the unit cost reduction target and not because the market is moving from the 777-300ER to even larger aircraft. A down fall of the A350 -1000 would like to be 30 seats short on board then the 777-9x.

Easier, more efficient measures could have been taken such as stretching the -1000 to replace the -2000 model but would lose some range over the smaller version. Airbus still working on weight dilemmas with the overall takeoff weight of the aircraft and plans to be dropped to 242 from a solid 245 tons. As changes still have yet to been discussed chances are they will be announced at the Farnborough, on to why Airbus is still indecisive to release its A33oneo Aircraft model.

Studies and reviews has proven for airbus to be very precise with their forecasts and predictions on aircraft production over the years. Released at the Farnborough, Airbus discusses their market forecasts openly with the public.

It predicts the market will grow by 142% over the next 20 years—5.3% more than guided in 2015. Airlines and lessors will order 32,425 aircraft in the period, or 650 more than predicted in the last version of the forecast. Seventy-one percent of them will be narrow body aircraft.

Although they are still short on orders for the A380, Airbus is still running with their predictions.  To date Airbus has a total of 319 A380s aircraft orders processed and, 193 of which had been delivered by the end of June. A slight dent in their prediction of 1500 aircraft of their large aircraft which includes the BOEING 747-8 model.


October 17, 2019
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