Airborne Industries - Top-of-The-Line Manufacturer of Cost-Effective Military Aircraft Components and Accessories

Why Airborne Industries Best Known for Military Components :

Airborne Industries was founded in 1963 manufactures military components and accessories for the U.S military and related defense industry companies. The company offers a quality system and quality manual based on ISO-9002 and customer requirements. Classified as a small business, the company offers products that have been controlled by documented manufacturing methods and instructions. Compliance to blueprint specifications, their products is monitored through the inspection of key features at regular intervals during the manufacturing products. Their wide range of products include: interior sound controlling and insulation panels, access panels manufactured from honeycomb composites and stamped metal, vacuumed formed plastic products, seat cushions, custom cockpit carpeting and other miscellaneous accessories.

Airborne Industries creates customized drawings and patterns that are used in manufacturing to meet their customer’s exacting needs. Their capability includes reverse engineering, 3D wire frame, solid and surface modeling, design of tooling and fixtures, and the generation of computer data to run automated cutting machines. Engineering plays a huge role when it comes to production because they perform on-line verification of current revision of relevant drawing and associated specifications. Thousands of government and OEM drawing and specifications are kept on file and are easily accessible for use. Airborne Industries has a self-contained inspection department with temperature and humidity monitoring. All of their measurements and test equipment is calibrated and maintained according to NIST and recorded on a computerized gage calibration and recall system.


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