3M: Over 100 years of Diverse Products

Founded in 1902 and headquartered in Two Harbors, Minnesota, 3M Company started as corundum mining venture and eventually became one of the largest product manufacturers in the world today. 3M Company labels their products under the following markets: Display & Graphics, Electronics, Electrical & Communications, Health Care, Safety & Security, Transportation, Manufacturing & Industry, Office, Home & Leisure, and Government. With over 55,000 products spanning in a wide range of different markets, 3M Company has become a multi-billion dollar company that employs over 88,000 people worldwide. The company’s operation spans over 65 countries with distribution and retailers in over 200 countries.3M Company’s product portfolio includes (but is not limited to): Industrial Tapes and Adhesives, Abrasives, Vehicle Care, Electrical OEM Materials, Fire Protection Systems, Government Solutions, Paints & Coatings, and Infrastructure Protection Products.

Many of their products such as their tapes, adhesives, and paints are given specific government specifications for soldier, vehicle, aerospace, and maritime use. 3M Company has won several government contracts that ranges from Abrasives & Power Tools to Food Safety to Medical Records Software. One recent contract in 2013, 3M Company won an $80 Million contract to manufacture stronger combat helmets for the U.S. Marine Corps. The contract called for 77,000 helmets that were able to provide over 50% more protection over the currently used helmet. In March of the same year, 3M Company’s division, Ceradyne, won a $40 million Department of Defense contract to manufacture 242,000 body-armor plates for solders serving in Afghanistan. ASAP Semiconductor offers a wide range of connectivity device parts, including those from 3M Company. If you’re in the market for NSN-standard parts, please visit our specialized website Just NSN-Parts at www.justnsnparts.com and browse through our selection. You can search by national stock number, part number, manufacturer, or contract number. For more information or to request a quote, contact us at sales@justnsnparts.com.


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