Gentex – Top of the Line for the Top of your Head

Gentex Corporation, not to be confused with Gentex, is a private company that manufactures products for the military, Special Forces, law enforcement, and emergency medical services. In 1932, after the great depression, Marcus Frieder bought Klots Throwing Company and renamed it General Textile Mills. As the largest silk manufacturer in America the General Textile Company assisted in World War II by producing parachutes, eventually becoming the largest manufactures of parachutes in America. Due to the advancements in their cloth technology Gentex Corp was approached by the government to design a new helmet for pilots. To improve their line of helmets Protection, Inc. was purchased. Shortly after respiratory products started to be produced. Then Derry was acquired and Gentex Corp was able to begin manufacturing electroacoustic communication systems.

Now Gentex Corp is able to produce totally integrated systems for tactical applications. Today Gentex Corp is contracted to develop the Scorpion Helmet Mounted Cueing System to the U.S. Air Force. The Scorpion Helmet features a seamlessly mounted information display system. The top of the line HGU-55/IG helmet for fixed wing aircraft features an ejection-safe night vision goggle mount for Panavia Tornado aircraft. For use in other aircraft the Ejection-safe NVG Mount can be customized to fit other HGU-FF/P helmets. In an ejection scenario the mount is designed to create directional separation through a breakaway system that triggers during exposure to windblast. This helmet can be used in tandem with the Gentex HA/LP oxygen mask to provide complete head and respiratory protection.

The MBU-20/P oxygen mask for use with HGU-55/P helmets reduces the probability of a G-induced loss of consciousness. The masks are available in five sizes and feature separate inhalation and exhalation valves. At the annual AUSA meeting Gentex Corp released an Upgrade Kit for the Ops-Core Advanced Combat Helmet. Available in December of 2014 the kit consist of Ops-Core’s Skeleton Rails, Skeleton One-Hole Shroud, and their 360 degree Linear and Retention System. The system is a cost effective up grade that will allow accessories like illumination tools, mission recording devices, visors and mandibles to be easily attached. There is an array of ground application Ops-Core Helmets Systems that are designed to work together flawlessly.


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