Bendix Aerospace - Innovation Under a New Name

The Bendix Corporation has been in the manufacturing business for over 60 years. During that time, Bendix has produced automotive brake systems, aeronautical hydraulics, and radios. When Bendix expanded into aeronautics in 1929 Vincent Bendix changed the corporations name to Bendix Aviation to reflect the new products. During world war 2 Bendix manufactured about 75% of all the avionics on US aircraft. The Bendix Radio division was established during this time to produce radio transmitters and receivers. After the war they continued making radio and radar equipment. In the 1960’s they began supporting NASA through telecommunications systems and other various products. One such product was the Saturn V instrument Unit. The Instrument unit was a ring shaped structure that contained the electronic systems of the rocket. The Saturn V rocket which was used to send astronauts to the moon used inertial guidance to guide the rocket's trajectory. Contained in the unit are an accelerometer, a digital computer, radar, and a telemetry unit. Then in 1966 Bendix was selected by NASA again.

This time they were to provide support for the Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package that would fly on the Apollo Program. Between 1970 and 1990 Bendix began diluting its corporate identity through a series of mergers. One example is the 1982 takeover of Martin Marietta. In retaliation to the hostile takeover Martin Marietta liquidated non-essential business units and launched its own takeover of Bendix. This is known as the Pac-Man Defense. In the end Bendix was bought by the Allied Corporation, later named Allied Signal. Finally Allied Signal bought Honeywell. Keeping the Honeywell INC name Bendix finally became a Honeywell brand. Thus the Bendix King brand of avionics finally became a Honeywell product.

As an independent business unit of Honeywell and operating out of Albuquerque, New Mexico Bendix King is still manufacturing avionics. Their current product line includes integrated flight decks, in-flight internet, audio accessories, displays, flight controls & Indicators, GPS navigation communications, and safety equipment. In September Bendix King’s KT74 ADS-B, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, transponder received an expanded Approved Model List Supplemental Type Certificate. The new system includes Garmin’s GTN/GNS series Wide Area Augmentation System GPS. This meets the FAA’s requirements as an approved ADS-B out transponder and includes a database of over 700 aircraft models. The transponder is a simple slide-in replacement for the current BedixKing KT76A/C and KT78A transponders. The KT74 provides an economical upgrade to ADS-B.


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