How Aircraft Provide Fresh and Clean Air For Passengers

Passenger aircraft almost always feature pressurized cabins, ensuring that all individuals are provided with treated air that is at a pressure and density level that is comfortable and safe for breathing. While pressure is important for safe breathing, so too is the cleanliness of air. As passengers are contained within a limited space for long periods of time, pressurized aircraft have specifically been designed to allow old air to be removed from the aircraft so that clean, fresh air can replace it. In order to carry out these processes, pressurized aircraft rely on the airplane ventilation system.

For the standard airliner, most cabins utilize a mixture of fresh, atmospheric air and cabin air that has been filtered. The air from outside of the aircraft comes from the engine and is known as bleed air. Bleed air is taken from the compressor stage of the engine prior to fuel injection, and it is fed through a number of valves, heat exchangers, and the air cycle machine to ensure that it is cool and clean for the benefit of customers. Due to the fact that bleed air comes from the high-temperature compressor, it can be properly cleaned alongside the use of an ozone purifier.

Both cabin air and bleed air are passed through an industrial grade HEPA filter every few minutes to ensure that any bacteria, viruses, and other detrimental substances or elements are properly removed. HEPA filters are those that are hospital grade, and they are well capable of removing more than 99% of viruses. Due to the fact that such filters have the capability to filter out viruses as small as 0.01 micrometers, they can even filter out coronaviruses that often range between 0.08 and 0.16 micrometers in size.

With the use of air circulation systems, air filters, and other elements of the airplane ventilation system, passengers can be provided with sufficient clean and fresh air for their safety and comfort. Beyond such systems, a number of airliners also take extra steps to ensure the cleanliness of their aircraft outside of utilizing air related components. To combat the spread of viruses, some airliners have bolstered their cleaning operations since the pandemic, and airlines such as Southwest have even committed to undertaking more than six hours a night for cleaning their fleet. As the cleanliness and safety of flying is a major concern for many passengers, airlines will often provide information on their practices, though customers may also reach out to the airlines themselves to find out what they are doing to keep customers safe.

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December 20, 2022
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